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Why choose CPR Technologies?

Since 1994, CPR Technologies has forwarded the conceptual Computerized Patient Record through unique integration engine technologies, document to distribution solutions and decision support tools. CPR Technologies continues to look ahead, striving to create the best technology possible that will solve your business needs. Contact a CPR Technologies representative to see how your present and future needs may be met today.

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Plato Analysis

Plato Analysis presents to the user a comprehensive solution and consolidation of tools that are used in performing data mining and analysis. Embedded within are advanced Query Builders able to aggregate data that spans Multiple disparate database targets, sophisticated data tables, analyzers and graphs, and a Report Writer rivaling capabilities of the higher end report writers. Artificial Intelligence tools empower the user to view data in a heretofore unprecedented way. You most certainly have all you need to get started in analyzing your data right away. Now with Plato Analysis running in the cloud, you have the ability to analyze your data without installing the program on your computer. Simply install the Microsoft RemoteApp client for your operating system, be it Apple, Microsoft, or Android and you are ready to go.

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Plato Data Analyzer

Plato Data Analyzer Professional provides you with unlimited ways of designing comprehensive and complete baseline studies, focus reviews, compliance studies, competency studies, physician privilege profiles and more through easy to use review template and data workshops. Distributed topics include those for Joint Commission and CMS reviews, along with many other various specialized topics centered around healthcare reviews.

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Plato RACTrack

Plato RACTrack is a web based tool needing very little IT involvement to get started. Tracking, trending, and analysis, automatic alerts, auto generation of appeal letters are all available for analyzing your audit claims. Audit types may be added at will. Additional features include

• Attaching any medical charts to record for team viewing

• Integration with shipping carriers, e.g. FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. guaranteeing delivery notice of RAC submitted charts

• Interfaces with many host systems, e.g. McKesson, Meditech, etc.

• Integration with CPR Technologies ROI partners

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CPR Technologies conducts both support and product demonstrations using Remote Access Software. When directed to click the picture above to load the viewing client.

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CPR Technologies is proud to present its new web site. Please feel free to browse around and get familiar with CPR Technologies offerings. This site also supports a new support forum and help desk system. Bookmark this page and visit often.

Plato Analysis Enterpise

Plato Analysis Enterprise is a rich application offering the latest in chart and gauge visualizations for representing your data. Dynamic dashboards, created by clicking on the computer screen where you want your controls, are updated in time with the connected datasource. In addition, Plato Analysis Enterprise features it's Analyzer', with dynamic drag and drop of field elements for re-aggregating of your data on the fly. IPad, IPhone, Android, and other portable devices can receive and display dashboards created by Plato Analysis. Contact CPR Technologies for more information.

Plato Analysis Cloud

Plato Analysis is now Cloud ready! Subscribe to Plato Analysis Cloud and be ready to read and analyze file based databases such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. Installation requires nothing more than RemoteApp client distributed by Microsoft. Available for all platforms, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and all portable devices for which the RemoteApp client is available. Call a CPR Technologies sales representative today.

Easy to Start

Getting started with CPR Technologies is a low resource impact proposition. Contact a CPR Technologies Representative today.

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In addition to comprehensive documentation in PDF format, you also get support from our credentialed support personnel, product forums and a dedicated help desk system.


Seamless integration with heathcare processes

CPR Technologies Products provide seamless integration with existing healthcare processes and in house computer systems. Boasting 15+ years as an integration technologies company, CPR Technologies provides many off the shelf interface modules for the majority of healthcare hosts, e.g. McKesson, Cerner, Meditech and other host systems supporting a defined messaging standard.