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CPR Technologies conducts both support and product demonstrations using the WebEx remote web client. Click the picture above to navigate to the WebEx website.

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CPR Technologies is now offering a limited time offer of 1/2 price off of Plato Analysis to existing Plato Data Analyzer Customers. Plato Analysis, a unique data mining and analytical tool is tightly integrated with Plato Data Analyzer databases and provides additional analysis above and beyond Plato Data Analyzer reporting capabilities. Be sure to read about what this product can do for you.

Plato Data Analyzer Professional Version 6.3 is now available! Boasting, among other things, support for sliding scales at the criterion level, enhanced analyzers and dashboards, Plato Data Analyzer Professional raises the bar for data collection and reporting.

CPR Technologies is now making Plato RACTrack available for in house purchasing! Boasting all the same features as the Plato RACTrack cloud solution, it's easy to get started on collecting, reporting, and analyzing your audit data today.